AMY!!! Please Come Back With Baby Sonic and Sonic – POOR SONIC LIFE – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Animation

After many hardships, Sonic and Amy finally came together. Sonic and Amy had a happy wedding. Some time later Amy became pregnant and on the day of her birth a big event happened to Sonic. Amy did not survive while giving birth to Baby Sonic. Sonic and Baby Sonic are very sad. Baby Sonic always remembers Amy’s mom.

Time is also slowly passing. Sonic has a new girlfriend, Rouge. Sonic then married Rouge to be the wife and stepmother of Baby Sonic. Rouge is a very evil person.

Every day after Sonic goes to work, at Rouge’s house, Baby Sonic makes Baby Sonic do all the housework such as cleaning the house, washing dishes while Rouge does nothing.

So what’s next for Baby Sonic? Will Sonic know about it?

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