Sonic Dad !!! Help Me – Baby Sonic Life – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Animation

Tails went to buy a cake when he met Baby Sonic watching TV in the living room. Baby Sonic loves to eat cake and invites Tails to play arm wrestling, whoever wins will get to eat cake.
Tails thinks Baby Sonic is stronger than him so he will definitely win. So Tails didn’t play arm wrestling with Baby Sonic and went up to his room.
But Baby Sonic doesn’t give up and tries to get Tails to play arm wrestling in order to eat cake. Tails ran outside and Shadow passing by giving Tails some magic candies.
After eating the magic candy, Tails transforms into a giant chasing Baby Sonic. Scared Baby Sonic runs fast and calls for help.
At that moment, Sonic’s father appeared to chase the giant Tails and feed Tails the miniature magic candy. Tails returns to its original form.

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